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Tales of the Prophets (Qisas Al-Anbiya)

by Kazi
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Muhammad ibn Abd Allah al-Kisa'i






The Tablet and the Pen

The Creation of Water

The Creation of the Canopy and the Throne

The Creation of the Earth, the Mountains and the Seas

The Creation of the Heavens and the Angels

The Creation of the Sun and Moon

The Creation of Paradise and Hell

The Creation and Beginnings of the Djinn & Iblis' Period of Worship

The Creation of Adam

The Entrance of the Spirit into Adam's Body

The Prostration of the Angels before Adam

The Inspiration of the Names to Adam

Adam Rises up to Preach

The Creation of Eve

The Epoch Wherein Adam Held the Trust

The Peacock's Conversation with Iblis

The Serpent, and Iblis' Entry into Paradise

The Expulsion of Adam from Paradise

The Address of Eve

The Expulsion of the Peacock from Paradise

The Expulsion of the Serpent from Paradise

Harut and Marut

Iblis' Query

Adam's Query

Eve's Query

The Story of the Eagle and the Fish

A Description of the Locust

Adam's Repentance

Mankind Undertakes the Covenant

The Cock God Gave Adam

Eve's First Conception

Adam's Mission

The Story of Cain and Abel

The Circumstances of Adam's Death

A Description of Death

Adam's Bequest & Eve's Death

Seth Fights Cain

The Prophet Idris

The Story of Noah

Noah's Mission

Noah's Ark

The Deluge

Noah's Curse on Ham

Noah's Bequest to Shem

The Offspring of Ham, Shem & Japheth

The Prophet Hud

Salih ibn Kanuh and His People, the Tribe of Thamud

The Slaughter of the Camel & the Destruction of Thamud

The Children of Cush and Nimrod

The Story of Abraham

Abraham's Migration to the Sacred Land

Hagar and Ishmael

The Story of Lot

The Story of Isaac

Jacob and Esau

The Story of Joseph

Joseph's Brethren in Egypt

The Death of Jacob and Joseph

The Prophet Job

The Prophet Shuayb

Moses son of Manasseh son of Joseph

The Story of Pharaoh

The Story of Asiya, Daughter of Muzahim

Moses and Aaron

The Parting of the Sea

Balaam son of Beor, and Korah


Og son of Anak

The Story of the Cow

The Death of Aaron and Moses

Joshua son of Nun

Josephus son of Caleb son of Jephunneh

Eleazar son of Aaron and Elijah son of Asasiah

Samuel, Saul, David and Goliath

David's Mission

The Bird of Temptation

Absalom, David's Son

The Birth of Solomon

The Story of Those Who Did Not Keep the Sabbath

The Death of David

The Story of Solomon

The City of Sheba

Sedition and the Loss of the Ring

The Death of Solomon

Jonah son of Matthew

Jesus son of Mary