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The Quranic Narrative: The Journey of Life as Told in the Qur'an

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Louay M. Safi
Hardback, 232 pages


Recent arguments surrounding the meaning and message of the Qur'an often focus on whether or not it supports or exhorts violence. Such arguments, though, tend to ignore the fact that the scriptures found there speak to various aspects of life and living. The Qur'anic Narrative attempts to show that the Qur'an has an inspiring message that aims to enlighten the path of those who embrace it and guides them through the journey of life. Exploring various themes related to everyday experiences, Safi reveals the meaning of the Qur'an with regard to issues of spirit, faith, charity, patience, fasting, salvation, pride, charity, moral discipline, and other relevant topics.


In an attempt to recapture the Islamic spirit promoted in the Qur'an, this book offers an approach that speaks to areas of life many people are concerned about. It pastes together a narrative that is more consistent and more representative of the overall Qur'anic message, which, the author contends, is ultimately one of peace and hope. Safi places the Qur'an in context, too, by examining its meaning to early recipients of the scriptures and its place in that particular social and historical context. He continues by updating that meaning for modern readers and adherents, relating the intended meaning to an evolving human audience and to contemporary experiences. The author contends that extremist readings are misinterpretations and that those who may view the Qur'an as a holy text that encourages, even demands, violence are incorrect. Ultimately, readers will come away from this work with a broader appreciation of the Qur'an and its intended meaning and message.


Part I. Spirit
1. Origin and Purpose
2. Divine Presence
3. Prophets of Transcendence
4. Engaging Religiosity
5. Trust in God
Part II. Faith
6. Revealed Guidance
7. Knowledge and Wisdom
8. Power of Choice
9. Faith and Infidelity
10. Calamity and Patience
Part III. Inner Peace
11. Gratitude and Praise
12. Reconnecting through Prayer
13. Moral Discipline and Fasting
14. Purification through Giving (zakah)
15. Lifes Ultimate Spiritual Journey (Hajj)
Part IV. Community Peace
16. Integrity
17. Humility and Pride
18. Moderation and Excess
19. Jihad for Peace
20. Shariah Principles
Part V. Universal Peace
21. Recognition and Right
22. Responsible Freedom
23. Justice is Paramount
24. Faith in Interfaith
25. Covenants and the Social Contract
Part VI. Eternal Peace
26. Life and Death
27. Salvation - The Path to God
Appendix A Surahs of the Quran
Appendix B Chronology of the Quran
Appendix C Prophets in the Quran
Appendix D Interpreting and Translating the Quran