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The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah

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Sara Malik




How it Takes More Than Just Love to Nourish Your Marriage


Good marriages do not just happen; they are cultivated.


Do you wish you could enjoy the benefits of being a woman living in the 21st century and still enjoy the fruits of Islamic marriage ‘roles’ that are over 1400 years old?


Do you want to discuss important issues with your husband without it leading to explosive arguments?


The Four Traits of a Cherished Muslimah is a manual for women who are seeking to strengthen and nourish their marriages. In this book, marriage mentor and coach Sara Malik shares what she has learnt whilst searching for marital solutions for the modern-day woman and shows wives of all ages how they can systematically create better marriages.

Drawing upon Islamic principles, Jungian psychology and ancient wisdom, this book shows women how to reclaim their feminine identity whilst upholding women’s liberation. By manifesting their innate traits of leadership, love, wisdom and justice, women can create their own unique marriages, ultimately to emulate the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad s.a.w. who was a perfect embodiment of these four traits.

Sara Malik is the founder of Cherished and Successful, a marriage mentoring and life coaching service for women and couples, based in West London, UK. With over 10 years’ experience of one-to-one marriage coaching, Sara combines her understanding of Islamic principles with her knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming to help Muslim women achieve personal growth and marital success.




1. Connecting to Your Purpose

2. A Balanced Life

3. Guardianship



4. Gratitude

5. Self-Care

6. Giving Love

7. Physical Intimacy



8. Communication

9. Healing

10. Time



11. Respecting Others

12. Self-Respect

13. Common Toxic Influences

14. Self-Discipline


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