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Where Magic Grows: Unique Tales of Wonder and Enchantment

by Orion
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Onjali Q. Rauf
Hardback, 256 pages


Have you heard of the bird that turned to stone? Or of the extra-specially-super-deliciously-fantastically naughty boy who got a frog stuck in his throat? Has anyone ever told you of the Captain of the Nile who only has six toes? No? Well, tuck yourself in, and let Onjali Raúf entertain you with her first collection of never-before-told fables of magic and mayhem... 


Beautifully illustrated by Katarzyna Doszla in full colour.


From the sand-laden shores of Egypt, where an Axe married a Tree... To the mountains of Japan where dragons and hungry mirrors roam ... To the ancient trees of the Amazon where a bed destined to steal time is forged ... Discover new tales of magic, wonder and imagination, inspired by old sayings, everyday objects and countries of the world.


Written with Onjali's trademark heart and humour, and inspired by her travels, Where Magic Grows is a compilation of seven original fairy tales where friendship, kindness - and poetry awaits.