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With the Noble Quran

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Shaykh Mahmud Khalil al-Husary
Dar al Qurra (translation)



This is a comprehensive compilation of Qur’ānic verses, prophetic ḥadīths, and opinions of the traditional scholars on some of the main discussions surrounding the Quran.


In ten chapters, Shaykh Mahmud Khalil al-Husary effectively covers the superiority of the Quran, the etiquette, rewards, and virtues of listening, reciting, and memorising it, the correct method of recitation, the ruling of using melody and of crying out of the fear of Allah, and the warning against forgetting the Quran, along with a discussion on its seven variant readings.


Shaykh Mahmud Khalil al-Husary (1335/1917–1401/1980) was one of the most well-known and influential Egyptian Qaris of the last century, widely acclaimed for his accurate and beautiful recitation of the Qur’an. He memorised the entire Qur’an by age eight and started reciting at public gatherings by twelve. He recited and taught in multiple places in Egypt, such as the Al-Ḥusayn Mosque and Al-Azhar University in Cairo, along with other places around the world, winning many awards and titles. He is the author of over eleven books, especially on the subject of Qur’an recitation.