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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100
Islamic Civilisation Book Club - Book 2 (Life)

Islamic Civilisation Book Club - Book 2 (Life)

2. Preservation of Life

Psychology of Personality: Islamic Perspectives by International Association of Islamic Psychology

  • Post-Reading Session: 24 July 2023, Monday, 8:00 pm
    (Dr Abdallah Rothman will be joining in via Zoom)


Meeting ID: 880 7235 9536
Passcode: 330587

No registration required

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These themes will be discussed at the post-reading session
  • Science versus philosophy (and psychology)
  • Mind/Body dualism
  • Fitrah
  • Practical Psychology: What does this all mean for me / society

About Dr Abdallah Rothman

Dr Abdallah Rothman is the Principal of Cambridge Muslim College and holds an MA in Psychology from Antioch University and a PhD in Psychology from Kingston University London. His clinical practice as well as his academic research focus on approaching counseling and psychotherapy from within an Islamic paradigm and establishing an indigenous Islamic theoretical orientation to human psychology that is grounded in the knowledge of the soul from the Islamic tradition. In addition to his academic training he has studied privately with a number of traditional Islamic scholars throughout the Muslim world.

About the Book Club

The book club is chaired by Dr Md Mubarak Habib Md. For some subjects and texts, there will be guest chairs. For participants in the book club, the pace of reading is one book in about 5 weeks. The book club is open to everyone.

The book club is not a class, it’s a purposeful conversation amongst readers who are all reading the same book. All books for the book club are available at Wardah Books.

Click here to find out more about the Islamic Civilisation Book Club as well as this year's selection of books. 

Post-Reading Session

The chair summarises the main ideas of the text and leads a discussion among participants.

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