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He Found You Lost, and Guided You

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Ayesha Syahira
Paperback, 194 pages


We have many hopes and dreams in life, and as Muslims, we’re taught that after putting in the work and the effort, we must put our trust in Allah SWT for the outcome. We are required to release that control to Allah SWT. 


But when the result we hope for isn’t the one we received, we become devastated. When setbacks and challenges make us feel like we’ll never be able to achieve our dreams, we feel as though we’re being abandoned by God.


In this book, author Ayesha Syahira invites readers to go on a journey of connecting the lost hearts with Allah - by nurturing trust in Him when we think He has abandoned us.


It calls for us to seek a balance between taking action and relying on Allah’s will, and ultimately trusting His plans. By letting go and having full trust in Allah, only then can we finally taste the sweetness of surrendering to Allah, our Creator, the One who only wants the best for us.