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Shariah Law: Questions and Answers

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Mohammad Hashim Kamali




In this work, Mohammad Hashim Kamali, a world-renowned expert on Shariah, adopts a question-and-answer format to provide a clear introduction to the most salient aspects of Shariah Law.




1. Shariah and Fiqh - Meaning, Definition, Sources, Salient Features and Comparisons with other Legal Systems


2. Legal Opinion (fatwa) and Independent Reasoning (Ijtihad)


3. Shariah and Acts of Worship (Ibadat)


4. Schools of Islamic Law, the Madhabs


5. The Scale of Five Values (al-Ahkam al-Khamsah)


6. Shariah Court Proceedings, Evidence and Proof


7. Shariah, Criminal Law and the Prescribed Hudud Punishments


8. Hudud in the Present-Day Muslim Countries


9. Shariah, Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties


10. Jihad, Violence and War


11. Shariah, Gender and Family


12. Islamic Banking and Finance


13. Shariah and Private Property


14. Modern Bioethical and Environmental Questions


15. Freedom of Religion and the Rights of Minorities


16. Goals and Purposes (Maqasid) of Shariah


17. Legal Maxims of Fiqh (Qawa’id kulliyyah fiqhiyyah)


- Qur’anic Verses, Hadith and Legal Maxims (in Original Arabic)