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The Conclusive Argument From God

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Shah Wali Allah of Delhi

Paperback, 548 pages



Hujjat Allah al-Baligha


Volume 1: The General Principles from Which are Derived the Beneficial Purposes Considered in the Rulings of the Divine Law


The Conclusive Argument from God is the master work of Shah Wali Allah of Delhi (1703-1762), considered to be the most important Muslim thinker of South Asia. This work, originally written in Arabic, represents a synthesis of the Islamic intellectual disciplines authoritative in the 18th century.


In order to argue for the rational, ethical, and spiritual basis for the implementation of the Hadith injunctions of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ, Shah Wali Allah develops a cohesive schema of the metaphysical, psychological, and social knowledge of his time.


This work provides an extensive and detailed picture of Muslim theology and interpretive strategies and is still evoked by numerous contemporary Islamic thinkers.




Book 1: The First Investigation: The Causes of Religious Obligations and Requital


Book 2: The Second Investigation: The Manner of Requital during Life and After Death


Book 3: The Third Investigation: The Supports of Civilisation


Book 4: The Fourth Investigation: Human Felicity


Book 5: The Fifth Investigation: Piety and Sin


Book 6: The Sixth Investigation: The Regulation of Religion


Book 7: The Seventh Investigation: The Derivation of the Sharia Laws from the Reports of the Prophet