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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100
The Islamic Civilisation Book Club 2020

The Islamic Civilisation Book Club 2020

The Origins of Visual Culture in the Islamic World

Upcoming Session

Post-reading for Book 9:
30 November 2020, Monday, 7:45pm (GMT +8)

This month's book:
The Origins of Visual Culture in the Islamic World
by Mohammed Hamdouni Alamih

Zoom Link: Click Here (Opens only during event)
Meeting ID: 837 9145 5345
Password: 643650

About the Book Club

Wardah Books is hosting a regular book club called The Islamic Civilisation Book Club.

The book club aims to promote systematic, serious reading about Islamic Civilisation; and to introduce the scope and depth of Islamic Civilisation.

The book club is chaired by Dr Md Mubarak Habib Md. For some subjects and texts, there will be guest chairs. For participants in the book club, the pace of reading is one book in 3 weeks. The book club is open to everyone. The book club is not a class, it’s a purposeful conversation amongst readers who are all reading the same book. All books for the book club are available at Wardah Books.



The book club meets twice a month:

First Monday of every month, termed the Pre-reading Session
Last Monday of every month, termed the Post-reading Session

Each session begins at 7:45pm and ends at 9:15pm.

Pre-reading Session
The chair introduces the text, places the text within its field of study, introduces and explains key terms to look out for in the text, introduces the author, and provides guidance on reading the text. Participants will then proceed to read the book over the next 3 weeks or until the Post-reading Session.

Reading (three weeks)
Some pointers for active reading for book club:
1. Take notes.
2. Write questions or discussion points to raise later in the Post-reading Session.
3. Plan your time and read consistently. Complete the text before the start of the Post-reading Session.

Post-reading Session
The chair summarises the main ideas of the text and leads a discussion among participants.



For the year 2020, the theme of the book club is the Islamic Intellectual Tradition. The aim for 2020 is to understand the role of the ‘Aqal (intelligence) in the development of this tradition and to understand that the development is based firmly on Nubuwwah (the Prophetic mission).



1. Download the Zoom application from or your mobile app store. You may access the session with your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
2. Set up an account.
3. Log in to Zoom.
4. Enter the meeting id and password (provided in email newsletter or see below under the relevant book and date)
5. Mute your microphone at the start. When you want to say something to the other book club participants, switch on your microphone.
6. It would be nice to switch on your camera so that we can all see each other. But this is optional for ladies.


Subjects and Texts for 2020

1. Primer [Completed]
Munqidh Min al-Dalal by Imam al-Ghazali
Text: Deliverance from Error and the Beginning of Guidance by Watt (translator)
Pre-reading Session: 6 Jan, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 27 Jan, 11am (Public Holiday)

2. Education [Completed]
The Concept of Education in Islam by Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas
Pre-reading Session: 3 Feb, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 24 Feb, 7:45pm

3. Epistemology [Completed]
Essentials of Islamic Epistemology by Mulyadhi Kartanegara
Pre-reading Session: 2 March, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 30 March, 7:45pm

4. Kalam [Completed]
Al-Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and Life by Ismail Raji al-Faruqi
Pre-reading Session: 6 April, 7:45pm
Mid-reading Session: 20 April, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 17 May, 10:30am

5. Philosophy [Completed]
Islamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Pre-reading Session: 6 July, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 27 July, 7:45pm

6. Sufism [Completed]
The Garden of Truth by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Pre-reading Session: 3 Aug, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 31 Aug, 7:45pm

7. Science [Completed]
Pictures of the Universe by Osman Bakar
Pre-reading Session: 7 Sep, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 28 Sep, 7:45pm

8. Ethics
With the Heart in Mind by Mikaeel Ahmed Smith
Pre-reading Session: 5 Oct, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 26 Oct, 7:45pm

9. Art
The Origins of Visual Culture in the Islamic World by Mohammed Hamdouni Alami
Pre-reading Session: 2 Nov, 7:45pm
Post-reading Session: 30 Nov, 7:45pm

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